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Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:47 pm

Welcome to the end of the year…

Let us see what it has brought us.

Hmm, a Giant demolishing a Patriot in the Super Bowl. That was fun.

Kansas defeated Memphis in a hell of a run through the tourney. My UCLA friends were not very happy, but then, who was.

The Lakers shook off a bad knee with a Pau, only to get slapped around by the Green Monster from Boston, not much of NBA Finals after all.

I don’t even remember who played in the NHL finals.  Guess I’m gonna have to look that up.

Baseball came and went with some interesting stories. So interesting, in fact, that at times I didn’t know if we were talking Baseball or Football. But in the end Boston said no to Manny while LA said yes. The Yankees were again the richest of the “lets take the postseason off and start vacation early” teams. The Cubs made a run that even had me excited, only to get swept by the Dodgers. Really? Poor Chicago, 100 years and counting.   The Angels looked like they could take their second World Series, until the Red Sox sent them home. Chicago’s South side was looking good till Tampa Bay stepped in. Did I just say Tampa Bay? Uh, yeah, who knew. Anyway, Philly took it to Milwaukee and when it ended up being Philly and Tampa, well, who didn’t lose interest. The only good thing about this years World Series, was that Football and Basketball were here.

Basketballs looking like a rematch between LA and Boston.  That Christmas game was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  And yes, I am biased.  And I’m not afraid to say it.  Can’t wait to see where it leads.

Football really turned out some cool things.  In College, how many teams where ranked #1 this year?  And I am one of those who would like to see a College Football postseason.  C’mon, someone come up with a good solution.  Please.

The NFL watched two teams start from opposite sides and end up in with different postseason.  The Chargers where looking like a Super Bowl pick gone bad and the Cowboys seemed to be ready to take it all the way.  Now look where they are.  Chargers hosting Indy.  The cowboys hosting Super Bowl viewing parties.  Hehehe, yeah, that did make me laugh.

Anyway, here’s to 2009, I can hardly wait.

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