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Tag:Lewis Hamilton
Posted on: February 6, 2009 1:39 am

the F1 season is almost here

Well let's see, it's just under two months till the start of the season.  The Australian GP is going to mark some interesting changes, rules and otherwise.  We still don't know if Honda will be there.  And there are a few stories still out there.  

For starters, Sebastien Bourdais, is he or is he not, driving a car this season.  Toro Rosso says he's testing, but that's just it. Testing. His team mate for last year, Sebastian Vettel, has moved up to Red Bull racing and the Toro Rosso team has signed Sebastien Buemi. But yet, haven't confirmed whether Bourdais will be racing or not.  And that's a lot of Sebastie/ans... 

Another, probably harder to swallow story, is the new friendship between Ferrari and McLaren.  Suddenly, after years of, well, let's call it "competitive animosity" are sharing secrets on ways to save money.  I do like the quote from Ferrari's Luca Colajanni, "If you told me a year ago that I would be doing this, I wouldn't have believed you,"  Now that's nice.  I don't think I would of believed it either. 

Two tracks to watch this year are, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.  Singapore has announced changes to encourage passing, resurfacing for better speed and better pit lane entry and exit.  I thought Singapore set up was nice for F1, I can only hope it gets better.  Now with Abu Dhabi, it's a whole new game.  The last race of the year and if the Championship comes down to the last race, I'll be watching from the edge of my seat.

OK, let's finish up with the drivers.  Lewis Hamilton is the one to beat.  I'm not saying because he's the best, it's just that he's the current Champion and the bulls eye is on his back. Fernando Alonso has already said the Hamilton will be his toughest rival for this season... Ouch. What, Kimi Raikonen. Felipe Massa, Mark Webber, Vettel and the rest don't even deserve to be mentioned?  Ouch. 

Then there's the suggested medal system. I'm on the fence about this.  On one hand, if it does as suggested, create a need to win, not just score points.  I'm for it.  But to already go back and talk about how past Champions would be different, is wrong.  Don't try to sell me something by saying it changes everything.  Just tell me it's going to make the racing better.  That will sell me. 

And on a final note, Max Mosley wants to be reelected as FIA president.   Why?  Please don't let this happen.  I feel that he and Bernie Ecclestone have done more harm then good to F1.  It used to have this huge world wide fan base, but lately, to me at least, it seems that you need to be one of the rich elitists of the world to be a fan.  So please, no more Max.  No more Bernie. 


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