Posted on: May 2, 2009 11:58 pm

Manny vs. Ricky

WOW!  What a freakin knockout punch.  There's a shot heard around the world. England heard it and you know the Philippines did. One that will be replayed on every sports show for a long time to come. Manny Pacquiao simply blistered the right side of Ricky Hatton.  I swear I saw little birds circling his head as he fell to the floor. 
Pound for pound, Pacquiao is the best.  For now. 
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming back.  July 18th against Juan Manuel Marquez.  I don't think that Mayweather will have much of problem there.  Unless he goes in really unprepared. Which I doubt.  I don't think he likes the idea of Pacquiao being considered as the better fighter.  So, if all goes right, we should have a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight this fall or winter.  Now that's a fight. 

Posted on: March 20, 2009 2:03 am

First day of....

Spring  the Brackets.  Yes sirree-bob, it's that time of year.  The brackets have been filled out and posted.  Money has been put aside.  It's now time to see who's got the best bracket for the first day of Spring.  

Well, maybe it's not all that, but it could be.  For me, it wasn't all that bad.  Matter of fact, this was probably the best, first day of the tourney, I've ever had.  I only lost 2 games.  2 games.  That's freakin amazing for me.  I don't think I've ever come close to starting off this good.  And really, if your not perfect that first day, you're not off to a good start.  But I'll take it. 

Sure, I'm tied for 3rd in my bracket challenge with 9 other people, but there's also 29 people below me.  I'm usually at the bottom already.  So, yeah for me!  I know it can all end tomorrow, but for one day.  This first day of spring.  I'm in the top 3.  Sure, like I said, there's 12 others in the top 3, but I don't care about them.  Right now, I'm gonna go ahead and enjoy my best start to this March Madness that I've ever had.    WOO-HOO!!!


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Posted on: March 12, 2009 8:42 pm

How did this happen?

What the...?   A couple weeks ago and I'm dropping like a rock.  Log in today and I'm top 1000.  What did I do?  And how do I keep it up?   I mean, I'm not complaining.  I'm just confused.  I did my best to get to 99, but I never thought I'd get to the top 1000.  Who knows, maybe if I do nothing, I'll jump to the top 100.  But I doubt that.  So, to whoever made me top 1000, thanks.  Don't know if I deserve it, but I'll take it..

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Posted on: February 27, 2009 12:01 am
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Match play golf


This is the current results of a CBS sports poll

Now that Tiger's gone, will you watch the Match Play action this weekend?  

29% Yes   71% No  Total Votes: 10380

Matchplay golf is probably the best pro golf out there.  It's the only time golfers play against each other and not against the course.  Any pro can get by playing Par golf.  But it in matchplay, that may not be good enough.  Look at today, Tim Clark beat Tiger Woods, 4 and 2.  Last year Tiger beat Clark by 5 and 4.  Why?  Because in matchplay, it doesn't matter how good your game is, if your opponent is doing better.  And that's the thing, Your opponent can win the first hole, tie you each hole after that and you're the one going home.  If you're tied after 18, oh well, keep on going, we're not going to let a little thing like 18 holes stop you.  You've got to keep going until one of you wins a hole. 

I love to watch golf.  I love to watch Tiger.  I mean, c'mon, he's TIGER!  But watching him, Phil Michelson, Vijay Singh, Padraig Harrington, Sergio Garcia, etc, try to beat their opponent... That, I love to watch.   And look at today again, Tiger, gone.  Vijay, gone.  Harrington, Gone. Sergio, gone.  Why, because they couldn't get it done, but the other guy did.  And if you look at some of today's matches, they were some good ones.

Stewart Cink (23) over Lee Westwood (12) in 23 holes..
Phil (5) beating Zach Johnson (28) 1 up.  If you didn't watch, you might never know that Phil almost lost after building a 4 shot lead with 5 holes to go. 

We know these guys are good, so why only watch when Tiger plays.  I mean, I know why to watch when tiger plays.  But why only then?  Especially now, when they're playing against each other.  Why do you think Tiger came back.  He knows how good they are and he knows how good match play is.  




Posted on: February 14, 2009 6:09 pm

my value is dropping.

Well it seems that now that you can't tell who rates you, my value has dropped.  Nice.  I guess when people could tell who was doing the ratings, you either didn't get votes are you were voted fairly.  Not anymore.  It seems that now that you can't tell, scores are dropping across the board.  My value is the only part of my rep that continues to drop.  It was always a constant, but the last couple of weeks, since they took away the "reviews" tab, I've watched my Reputation value drop.  Again,  Nice.....

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Posted on: February 6, 2009 1:39 am

the F1 season is almost here

Well let's see, it's just under two months till the start of the season.  The Australian GP is going to mark some interesting changes, rules and otherwise.  We still don't know if Honda will be there.  And there are a few stories still out there.  

For starters, Sebastien Bourdais, is he or is he not, driving a car this season.  Toro Rosso says he's testing, but that's just it. Testing. His team mate for last year, Sebastian Vettel, has moved up to Red Bull racing and the Toro Rosso team has signed Sebastien Buemi. But yet, haven't confirmed whether Bourdais will be racing or not.  And that's a lot of Sebastie/ans... 

Another, probably harder to swallow story, is the new friendship between Ferrari and McLaren.  Suddenly, after years of, well, let's call it "competitive animosity" are sharing secrets on ways to save money.  I do like the quote from Ferrari's Luca Colajanni, "If you told me a year ago that I would be doing this, I wouldn't have believed you,"  Now that's nice.  I don't think I would of believed it either. 

Two tracks to watch this year are, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.  Singapore has announced changes to encourage passing, resurfacing for better speed and better pit lane entry and exit.  I thought Singapore set up was nice for F1, I can only hope it gets better.  Now with Abu Dhabi, it's a whole new game.  The last race of the year and if the Championship comes down to the last race, I'll be watching from the edge of my seat.

OK, let's finish up with the drivers.  Lewis Hamilton is the one to beat.  I'm not saying because he's the best, it's just that he's the current Champion and the bulls eye is on his back. Fernando Alonso has already said the Hamilton will be his toughest rival for this season... Ouch. What, Kimi Raikonen. Felipe Massa, Mark Webber, Vettel and the rest don't even deserve to be mentioned?  Ouch. 

Then there's the suggested medal system. I'm on the fence about this.  On one hand, if it does as suggested, create a need to win, not just score points.  I'm for it.  But to already go back and talk about how past Champions would be different, is wrong.  Don't try to sell me something by saying it changes everything.  Just tell me it's going to make the racing better.  That will sell me. 

And on a final note, Max Mosley wants to be reelected as FIA president.   Why?  Please don't let this happen.  I feel that he and Bernie Ecclestone have done more harm then good to F1.  It used to have this huge world wide fan base, but lately, to me at least, it seems that you need to be one of the rich elitists of the world to be a fan.  So please, no more Max.  No more Bernie. 


Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:47 pm

Welcome to the end of the year…

Let us see what it has brought us.

Hmm, a Giant demolishing a Patriot in the Super Bowl. That was fun.

Kansas defeated Memphis in a hell of a run through the tourney. My UCLA friends were not very happy, but then, who was.

The Lakers shook off a bad knee with a Pau, only to get slapped around by the Green Monster from Boston, not much of NBA Finals after all.

I don’t even remember who played in the NHL finals.  Guess I’m gonna have to look that up.

Baseball came and went with some interesting stories. So interesting, in fact, that at times I didn’t know if we were talking Baseball or Football. But in the end Boston said no to Manny while LA said yes. The Yankees were again the richest of the “lets take the postseason off and start vacation early” teams. The Cubs made a run that even had me excited, only to get swept by the Dodgers. Really? Poor Chicago, 100 years and counting.   The Angels looked like they could take their second World Series, until the Red Sox sent them home. Chicago’s South side was looking good till Tampa Bay stepped in. Did I just say Tampa Bay? Uh, yeah, who knew. Anyway, Philly took it to Milwaukee and when it ended up being Philly and Tampa, well, who didn’t lose interest. The only good thing about this years World Series, was that Football and Basketball were here.

Basketballs looking like a rematch between LA and Boston.  That Christmas game was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  And yes, I am biased.  And I’m not afraid to say it.  Can’t wait to see where it leads.

Football really turned out some cool things.  In College, how many teams where ranked #1 this year?  And I am one of those who would like to see a College Football postseason.  C’mon, someone come up with a good solution.  Please.

The NFL watched two teams start from opposite sides and end up in with different postseason.  The Chargers where looking like a Super Bowl pick gone bad and the Cowboys seemed to be ready to take it all the way.  Now look where they are.  Chargers hosting Indy.  The cowboys hosting Super Bowl viewing parties.  Hehehe, yeah, that did make me laugh.

Anyway, here’s to 2009, I can hardly wait.

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Posted on: December 26, 2008 6:54 pm

My Fantasy Football Season

Well, my season in over...  thank god!!!

What a disappointment.
I finished the season last in my division, a dismal 4-10.  OUCH!

I should of have had a decent team.  Barring a few, well, inconsistencies, my team look damn good on paper.  Tom Brady was my QB.   I had Reggie Bush and Fred Taylor carrying the ball.  My starting receivers were Marvin Harrison, Donte Stallworth and Terrel Owens.   Antonio Gates was my tight end with Adam Vinitari doing the kicking.   And my defense was the Colts.

My reserves seemed to be ok too.   Dominic Rhodes, Kevin Curtis, Steve Smith (NYG), Tampa Bay defense and Jamarcus Russell.

This could really work.  Yeah right.

So, of course we all know what happened to Brady.  Sonofa…  But, hey that’s life.  It’s a game.  Let’s keep going.  I Still have a pretty good team.  Sure I got spanked that first game, what?  64-86, but it was the first game.  I lost my QB.  I still felt good.

So on to week two.  I wasn’t real sure about Russell, and needing another QB, I went out and did something pretty good, in the long run.  I picked up Matt Ryan.  Who knew?  I didn’t, I just needed someone better then Russell.  But it didn’t happen that week.  I lost 58-62.  My division was blowing major chunks and I was at the bottom of it.

Then came week three…  And I tried to change things up a bit.   Dropped Russell and picked up J.T. O’Sullivan.  Hey, he was scoring points and going up against Detroit.  So, I threw him in, switched out Stallworth for Smith and won my first game of the season, 101-80.  Ok, now things are starting to look up.

I had high hopes going into week 4.  My only problem being that 4 of my starters had a bye during week 4.  But hey, I could deal with that.  Get that bye outta the way early and have smooth sailing the rest of the season.  So, in my infinite stupidity, I dropped the colts.  Well maybe not stupid, I had the Bucs and they were starting to roll.  So, dropped the colts, put Vinitari in reserve and picked up Josh Scobee.  Had to drop Curtis and replaced him with Hank Basket.  Dropped Stallworth and picked up David Patton.  This could work for a bye week, right?  Well, sort of.  I lost the game 84-85.  Why?  Because someone decided to that the Bucs gave up 21 points when the actually only gave up 15.  Those 6 extra points were scored by the Packers Defense on a interception returned for a TD.  Arrrrrgghhh!!!  1 point!

So, now instead of being 2 and 2, I’m 1 and 3.   Ok, let’s regroup, it’s now week 5.  I’ve got my whole team to pick from.  Alright, let’s go.  Uh, no.  I get blown out 53-92.  That’s right, my team scored 53 whole points.  Yippee!  I’m one and four!

Week 6 and I’m telling everyone I’m not out yet.   So what if I have the worst record in the league, I’m not giving up.  So now I switch back to Vinitari, pickup Brandon Stokley and Felix Jones of the wire.  Ok, I’m looking pretty good, seasons not over yet.  And yes, I win a close one 91-89.  Whew!  That was too close.  But I won.

Week 7 is here and all of sudden I have more on a bye week.  Ugh.  So unwilling to let go of Taylor, I drop Scobee and pick up Chris Perry.  It’s one game, I’ll be ok.  Right?  Wrong.  I get super spanked by 60 points.  44-104. That spread is more then I scored just two weeks ago.  Sonofa…  But I will go on…

I can rebound for week 8.  Yes I can! I dropped O’Sullivan and was able to pick up Matt Cassel.  This could work.  Or not, dropped this one, 65-111.  Not again?!?!  But yes, it happened again.

Ok, week 9 and I’ve got to pick up a tightend for Gates’ bye week.  Not bad, Marcedes Lewis.  This could work.  Switch out Cassel for Ryan and bam, this works and I win the game 75-52.  But that’s not really the scoring machine I need.  I’m now 3 and 6.  I’m out, but not completely.  Next week might be ok. I just need to start a winning streak...

Week 10, can I do it?  Not likely, I score well, but it’s not enough.  I lose 90-138.  Damnit I’m 3-7 and not getting any wins.  The only streaks I’ve had are losing streaks.

On to week 11 and my only hope is winning out and scoring enough points to put me ahead in my division.  There are advantages to being in the worst division.  I’ve picked up Pierre Thomas and some of my players are starting score points.  This might just be possible and I score 94 points, but my opponent scores 101.  My only light at the end of the tunnel, my division loses as a whole.  I’m still not out.

Week 12 coming and I feel good, just win baby!   3 weeks and if I can just WIN, I’ll be ok.  Score week 12, 127-110, YES!!!  All right, that’s the ticket.  Let’s get this thing going.

Week 13, c’mon, I want that first win streak of the season.  My team looks good.  They are capable of scoring points.  Week 13 score 66-94…  My season’s over.  I don’t go out quietly, I do play to win, you know, the spoiler.  But it doesn’t work.  I lose my final game, 102-103.


But the pain is over.  At least until next year…

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